Odd Future front man Tyler, The Creator spoke his mind today on Twitter about the Ice Bucket Challenge and hashtag activism.

The popular rapper and creative mind behind Odd Future and the popular Adult Swim television show Loiter Squad feels some type of way about how social media is being used as of late, and opened his mind to the world.

Tyler, The Creator questions social trends and gives his thoughts on whats going on…

Speaking on the popular Ice Bucket Challenge, Tyler, The Creator asks what throwing water on yourself will actually do for ALS, and says it raises fake awareness:

He also says people are doing it just to look cool on social media, without even knowing about the cause.

Tyler, The Creator says black people are mad right now, but in two weeks will forget all about Mike Brown and whats happening in Ferguson because they really don’t care. The hashtag he’s obviously talking about is #Ferguson.

He also talks about the “Ice Bucket Challenge” again, saying most people don’t know what they are throwing water on their selves for.

Mentioning previous social media trends like holding up paper that reads “save those girls,” Tyler says it doesn’t actually save people.

Tyler, The Creator finishes up by saying he hopes real change is made, and things don’t just become hot hashtags for only a week.

Tyler, The Creator, obviously makes some valid points.

What do you think about what Tyler, The Creator had to say about all of this?