Check out this ten minute sneak peek of VH1‘s upcoming Behind The Music segment they are doing on 50 Cent. In this clip Curtis discusses his childhood and upbringing, the death of his mother, being shot nine times, selling drugs after school and more. MTV will also take us behind the scenes on the set of his video for “We Up” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Curtis Jackson III, aka 50 Cent, grew up on the violent and drug infested streets of Jamaica, Queens. Headed down the wrong road, 50 Cent gave up the hustle and chased a new dream: to become a hip hop star. But his road to superstardom wouldn’t be easy. With gritty street rhymes, 50 attacked the industry and his bad boy reputation grew as fast as his list of enemies. 50 Cent parlayed his street hustle instincts into an empire, forming the G Unit business enterprise and inking a lucrative deal with Vitamin Water that reportedly earned him over 100 million dollars. Older and wiser, he hasn’t lost the edge he honed on the streets of New York as he continues his relentless quest for success.