Before releasing the sequel to his début album Flockaveli, Waka Flocka will make noise as an EDM artist. Waka Flocka Flame has been hard at work on a new EDM album while touring and he plans to release his début as an EDM artist this fall. The album is titled Turn Up God.

With collaborations with the likes of Steve Aoki, Diplo, Skrillex, Borgore, and Lil Jon under his wing, its not a secret that Waka Flocka is heavily interested in the EDM scene — and he’s already seeing some success in it touring internationally with some of its biggest artists.

Tell me about the EDM joint.
That shit’s fire. Turn Up God, fire, man. It’s just me having fun. I really get to do me. That shit’s crazy.

Who are you working with?
Diplo, Steve Aoki, The Zombie Kids, Borgore, DJ Carnage and I just did this remix of Dillon Francis’ new record, that shit’s about to be mayhem. I’ve got DJ Mayhem. Fuck, we’re going to get everybody, you know what I mean? I fucked with EDM through Europe though, not through America. So I went through EDM in Europe and I came to America and everybody is like, you got to come over here with it now.

During an interview with XXL Magazine, Waka Flocka opened up about his feelings on the current state of Hip Hop and why he likes the vibes of EDM music because it’s less negative energy, and more friendly.

I don’t really fuck with people like that. If it ain’t EDM, I’m not excited. Hip-hop, I’ve got to personally know you to do music with you now. That’s me. I’m not excited. I love it, I do hip-hop, [but] I don’t want to fuck with nobody doing it. I’m done, and I’m not excited. You know how these niggas are, I don’t have time for them. I like being their friend; I don’t want to fall out.

I’m still myself, though. I ain’t changing. I’m still in the party, turned up, spraying champagne. That’s my signature, spraying champagne. It’s amazing, you know when your boy comes, and it’s a champagne shower.

waka flocka borgore

Now an EDM artist, Waka Flocka is pictured with Borgore and Paige.

Turn Up God is due out in Fall, and Flockaveli 2 will drop sometime in Winter. Read Waka Flocka‘s full interview with XXL Magazine for more details.