Wale spoke to Complex about the making of his collab with KiD CuDi, re-connecting with him again, Drake, his upcoming album and more.

This was one of the first songs recorded for the album. The song stands for something. The album’s calledAmbition, and it stands for the younger guys wanting more, working harder, and getting through things.

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“A lot of us rappers ain’t the most confident rapping on our singles. A lot of niggas dumb it down, but I thought it was important to do the complete opposite on the record that everybody was gonna praise for how dope the hook is. I think the lyrics had to be knockout.

“The last touch to it was Trey from UCB. He put some vocals on it. Trey’s on the album a lot actually. [My relationship with] Trey is almost like Jordan and Pippen. He finds melodies in the beat to bring it to life. When he put those on there, I knew it was perfect.”

‘Focused’ has that ‘we did it’ feel. Me and Cudi did it; we here now. Y’all remember us from when we was young. Y’all remember our first public bullshit we went though. We still here and we shining, so celebrate with us. Y’all fans been fucking with us, coming to all our shows, sleeping in lines, buying our t-shirts.“

“It’s like the exclamation point after the word ambition. It’s the exclamation point to this feeling or this stage in my career. Cudi came back from inner demons. I came back from not knowing what was gonna happen with [my career]. We made it, we healthy, we got our fans, and this one’s for you motherfuckers.