Walks The Runner releases “The Focus” featuring Michael Medall. Be on the look out for Walks The Runner‘s upcoming street album called “White Men Can’t Rap” which is a play off of the hit movie “White Men Can’t Jump.”

There seems to be a lot of talk within industry circles about Wisconsin Rapper Walks The Runner. Through industry sources we have heard rumors that there is some strong interest from Atlantic Records regarding the rapper. However, nothing has yet been confirmed.

Walks The Runner has created a major buzz by being profiled in the prestigious Breeding Ground Spotlight on All Hip Hop.com. Also he has been featured in XXL Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, InflexWeTrust.com, VladTV.com and UrbanBuzzFactor.com. Additionally, the award winning online magazine Yo Raps.com featured Walks The Runner in its heralded “Next 2 Blow” column.

Walks The Runner is a witty, multi-talented, and passion-filled force ready to take the industry by storm. He is being hailed as a “a new strand of Hip Hop” for his originality. Walks has a work ethic that is unmatched and he has garnered a loyal and substantial fan base with in the Midwest and beyond.

Walks is destined to leave his own imprint in the game. The dynamic rapper paints precise pictures with his witty metaphors. His music incorporates an element of realism and rawness.
Walks the Runner is not content with being your run of the mill rapper. He rises beyond mediocrity and takes you on a journey into the depths of his soul.

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