Sharing music online has boomed over the last few years, in fact people turn to online sources of music now before anything else. With Spotify, YouTube and many more taking control of the online sharing streams it’s now easier than ever to link your favourite tunes with other people. 
Generally a person’s taste in music usually says a lot about them as a person, with this in mind finding someone who shares the same taste in music as you can get you off to a great start. Not only do you automatically have at least one major thing in common, but sharing the same taste in music can give you good insight into their overall personality.
Sharing music online and finding someone who likes what you like and gets the same pleasure from the same taste of music makes life a whole lot easier. Whether you’re being naughty and comparing sexual compatibility or looking for new opportunities and adventures through music then sharing online is the perfect platform. Here are a few examples of why exchanging songs online is the reasons why you should be dating someone with the same music taste as you.

Music is just the start
If you’re sharing music online with a potential partner and they have the same taste in music as you then this is a good sign of bigger shared interests. The chances are if you agree on music then you may well agree on bigger and more important issues. Music is a very deeply personal interest and can resonate deep within the core, if this deeper meaning can be shared and related to by other people then there a good chance a relationship can develop.
Fall back on music
No matter how far down the line you are with your partner, whatever you are both going through; you can always rely on music. Your shared tastes in music will not vary that much from when you first met. So reminding each other of that first song, that first dance, that first tune shared online can always be there to fall back on.

Making musical memories
Sharing music online can have a powerful effect on people, whether it’s a song that sums up your current situation, or a tune that reminds you of a time, place or person. Sharing music online will help to make memories, and if the relationship develops into something more then I’m sure a shared taste in music will be there every step of the way, creating your own personal soundtrack to life.

Making love to music
The shared interest in music will always create a deep chemistry between you both. The same taste in music will help the pair of you get hot under the collar. Perhaps a mix tape can help spice things up a bit, using his or her favourite artists on a mix tape not only wins you brownie points but loving the same music can get you both in the mood, for love. So be naughty, and create a sexy playlist that you will both enjoy.

Dress to Impress
By sharing music online, and developing an understanding of each other’s tastes can help with the foundations of a relationship. Fashion and music have always had a strong correlation with each other, generally thinking if you like their music, then you’ll like the way they dress. Dating a person with same music tastes as you means that you’re very likely to enjoy their choice of outfit. Whether its skinny jeans, a hoody, nose rings, boob tubes or a rock chick then fashion, style and music are very closely entwined, and so will you two if you pick wisely!