According to southern rapper Webbie, 50 Cent recently made a bet for $1 Million with him on the lightweight title boxing match between Terence Crawford and Yuriorkis Gamboa. Webbie was in attendance and escorted Crawford to the ring for the fight, and apparently made an on the spot bet with 50 that if his fighter won against his SMS Promotions boxer (Gamboa) then he would have to pay him $1 Million.

50 Cent lost the bet and hasn’t paid up is what Webbie claims. In a public shaming video on TMZWebbie says 50 Cent failed to pay the $1 Million after losing the bet.

TMZ spoke with several SMS Promotions representatives who have no recollection that 50 made the bet with Webbie, and they said maybe 50 Cent couldn’t understand Webbie due to his deep southern accent.