Welcome to weekly fix, where I highlight my 5 favorite tracks, and videos that released in the last 7 days.

Every week I’ll let you know what songs are dope and hot enough to add to your playlists, and which videos are worthy of your time.

Dope new music and videos from Future, Diddy, Schoolboy Q, Rick Ross, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Drake, Slaughterhouse, and more below.

Dope New Tracks

5. Rick Ross – The Devil Is A Lie (Feat. Jay Z)

rick ross jay-z

Rick Ross’ “The Devil Is A Lie” featuring Jay Z isn’t the single we wanted, but it’s the single we got. It’s not his greatest piece of art ever released, but it’s good enough. To call it trash would be a lie, to call it fire would also be a lie. However it’s worth the listen, and worth your $1.29 on iTunes. A solid album cut, but is it single worthy? Nah!

4. Lady Gaga – Do What U Want (Remix) (Feat. R. Kelly & Rick Ross)

gaga rick ross

Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want” featuring R. Kelly is an undeniable hit record. Watching the two perform the track is a sight to see. When Ricky Rozay jumps on a track of this caliber you would expect the worst, but like usual, the bawse delivers. The “Do What U Want (Remix)” is dope.

3. Future – SH!T (Remix) (Feat. Drake & Juicy J)

drake rapdose

Drake sending shots at Kendrick Lamar over Future’s “SH!T” instrumental? You gotta love that. I might have made this #1 if the disses weren’t subs though. Kendrick mentioned names. Why can’t Canada’s baby boy do the same?

2. Slaughterhouse – Party

slaughterhouse party

Slaughterhouse returned this week announcing a new album and tour. Their first album with Shady Records was a dud. It wasn’t successful, and it just wasn’t good musically. With the new album announcement they dropped “Party” and it’s a very dope listen. Let’s hope the album is more like this, and the party don’t stop.

1. Future – SH!T (Remix) (Feat. Diddy & Schoolboy Q)

french montana diddy snoop dogg

A few different versions of Future’s “SH!T” dropped this week as remixes but nothing topped the version featuring Diddy and Schoolboy Q. Puffy is at his best on this remix. His verse will leave you wondering who wrote it. It’s just too good. Schoolboy Q also delivers.

Dope New Videos

5. Beyonce – Mine (Feat. Drake)

beyonce drake rapdose

Beyonce and Drake together is a deadly combination. This video isn’t perfect, but it gets the job done. I’m not a fan of the artsy fartsy imagery one would be quick to call satanic, but whatever is happening in this visual is somewhat entertaining. Them weirdos on YouTube are already decoding this one in an “Illuminati Exposed” video. Lady Gaga wants her act back tho, Bey.

4. T-Pain – She Said

t-pain she said

T-Pain is back with a vengeance. The new content he’s been dropping has been all good. The king of auto-tune got some beautiful women in the minimal “She Said” video and they aren’t doing what you think they’re doing. There’s a twist!

3. 2 Chainz – U Da Realest


“U Da Realeast” appeared on Tity Boi’s lackluster album Based On A T.R.U. Story 2: Me Time. While the album was lackluster, this track was surely a highlight of the project. The video isn’t bad either. It’s worth the watch, thanks to Mr. Chainz’ funeral attire including a pair of Timberlands, and kid’s doing the turn up dance all in the act of mourning the life of a friend.

2. Beyonce – Drunk in Love (Feat. Jay Z)

beyonce drunk in love rapdose

A lot of listeners are still digesting Beyonce’s self-titled new surprise album. 14 songs, and 17 videos is a lot to digest. Nobody is going to sit and watch 17 music videos straight, unless they have Beyonce in them. This is easily one of the best videos on the album. Jay-Z is a lucky man. Need I say more?

1. Eminem – The Monster (Feat. Rihanna)

eminem rihanna the monster video shoot

The best video to drop this past week is easily Eminem’s Rihanna featured track “The Monster.” While the song certainly isn’t Marshall at his best, the track is surely a monstrous hit and its visual paints a better picture of the song. After watching the nostalgic video, you just might like the track a little better–thanks to the spot-on reenactments of scenes from some of Slim Shady’s best music videos. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is a great album, and not one of the visuals from it have been bad yet.