Will.i.am unleashes the official video for “The Hardest Ever” featuring Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger.  T.H.E. could be a potential radio hit, but the only thing I’m focused on watching this video is J-Lo’s assets which are featured around the 1:10 & 2:40 marks, and that just so happens to be the catchy part of the song, which is now glued to my brain. You can go hard or you can go home, you can go hard or you can go home…

Other than the Jennifer Lopez scene, this video is an over budget bore and complete waste of technology. Yeah, the scenes are put together well and look visually appealing at times, but they just don’t fit the song.  So get to the J-Lo scenes and Thank me later. But if you make it past those and suffer through Mick Jagger’s performance and vocals, hats off to you.

This track is the first official single from Will.i.am’s upcoming solo album #WillPower, which I’m guessing is the first album title to feature a Twitter hashtag ever.