Last night MTV held their annual Movie Awards show that gives out trophies to films that don’t deserve them such as Twilight and Hunger Games.

On the show Wiz Khalifa graced the stage after being introduced by his new friend Charlie Sheen and performed his current single “Work Hard Play Hard“. The track was dubbed by MTV as a party anthem and while Wiz was performing red cups were held high and toilet paper was thrown on stage.

This performance took place directly after MTV gave that over movie Project X a “cult classic” golden popcorn award. Another award which I feel shouldn’t have been given out, but hey this is the same show that later in the night ran out of ideas and gave that newbie Emma Stone who’s breakthrough performance was playing the girl Jonah Hill was trying to sleep with in Superbad a lifetime “Trailblazer” award. Yeah, whatever that is.

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