Karma Hit XXXTentacion Harder Than A…

Last night in San Diego, CA, XXXTentacion got sucker punched live on stage while performing “Garrett’s Revenge.” XXXTentacion was knocked out cold and the man who threw the knockout punch got stomped out by security. The punch was heard around the world and he became a meme on social media.

After the scuffle took place, XXXTentacion had to be carried off stage in bare feet.

It’s unknown who punched XXXTentacion but many believe Rob Stone is involved. Sources on the scene report that backstage the puncher was stabbed and could die. XXXTentacion acknowledged the stabbing on social media, and laughed about it, but claims no involvement. He also claims that the venue and security set him up to be beat down. In fact, XXXTentacion claims he will be suing the venue. See what XXXTentacion had to say about the knockout punch that left him with a lump on his head.

XXXTentacion is using publicity from the knockout punch to promote his music. After the knockout and stabbing, he released “Off The Wall” featuring Ski Mask The Slump God, another rapper known for getting knocked out.

Drake has history with XXXTentacion and apparently enjoyed the knockout footage. Do you blame him? XXXTentacion not only called out Drake for stealing his sound, but also disrespected his mother.

Also, never forget that XXXTentacion did this to a woman.

Karma is real.