Birdman took to his Twitter account to announce YMCMP. What’s YMPCMP? Young Money Cash Money Princess. A new brand which will begin with a clothing line created by Bryan “Birdman” Williams himself launching this September.

YMCMP is inspired by Birdman and Lil Wayne‘s daughters, Bria Williams and Reginae Carter.

Birdman shared a first look at two of Young Money Cash Money Princess‘ first products, a pair of pink flip flops with YMCMP written on them in capitalized bold letters and a pink hoodie with purple glittery letters.

Take a gander at Birdman‘s pink flip flops and hoodie after the break and if you ladies like what you’re seeing, rub those hands together in good old Birdman fashion and get ready to get your spend on this September. Flashy lifestyle. 100.