It’s no secret that Young Jeezy has been trying to re-capture the sound of his previous successful albums, but now it looks like Jeezy is willing to do anything to get TM 103 out there.

Young Jeezy was recently spotted in the studio with Justin Bieber recording a track. No word as-if the song will be for a new Bieber project or Jeezy’s upcoming TM 103, but either way I just can’t see something good coming from these two working together. First we see all these good signs for Jeezy’s upcoming project, including him reuniting with Midnight Black for some tracks and then this happens.

I still haven’t given up on Jeezy’s album, because I’ve heard some stuff intended for it that was good, including individual songs featuring Kanye West, Beyonce and even Jay-Z.

I’m actually a fan of Bieber per-say but Bieber and Jeezy? Please don’t do that to us.