Young Thug — a rapper who is currently blowing up, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, is known for calling male companions his loves, wearing female clothing including toddler sized skirts and sharing pics of his feminine side on social media. This of course leaves many fans questioning his sexuality. But is the questioning over?

On one of the standout tracks from Gucci Mane and Young Thug‘s new Young Thugga Mane La Flare mixtape titled “Siblings,” Young Thug may have outed himself as bisexual. Or at least it seems that way.

Broke up with my homie cause I fuck all his sisters,” –Young Thug on “Siblings

That doesn’t sound like something a straight man would say, and if they did they’d probably throw a “no homo” after it, or at least a rapper would. A straight man also doesn’t wear skirts, or call other men his “love” or “babe.” But Young Thug does.

young thug and his love

Could this all be a part of his act, or is it Young Thug openly letting us know he’s bisexual? I pick the latter.

Young Thug doesn’t throw it right in our face that he likes “boy pussy,” and never came out of the closet calling himself gay. Instead he lets us know he’s into women too. The line “broke up with my homie cause I fuck all his sisters,” could go both ways — shoot he could even be talking about ending a friendship, but with his antics that just can’t be the case.

Young Thug is gay…or at least bisexual. Now the question is, will Rap fans embrace an openly gay or bisexual Rap artist?

Personally, when I listen to music I could care less about the sexuality of an artist. All I care about is the quality. How do you feel about equality in Rap?