Young Thug’s Barter 6 Album Drops April 17th

According to Young Thug, Lil Wayne is threatening legal action against him for his Carter 6 album title. In a short incoherent Instagram video, Young Thug reveals this information and announces that the album is now titled Barter 6.

The title change could be seen a mile away, as members of Young Thug‘s entourage have been hash-tagging “Barter 6” on social media for a while.

Barter is Carter but with a “B” replacing the “C.” Duh. Blood gang members have been replacing the letter C with a B in words for a long time, simply because the letter “C” often represents rival Crip gangs.

Lil Wayne and Young Thug both claim to be blood gang members, and both have replaced the letter C publicly. Lil Wayne even spells his “Dedication” mixtape titles “Dedikation” etc. This all sounds pretty damn silly, right? Know whats even sillier? Actually believing Lil Wayne or Young Thug are gang bangers.

Anyway, the Young Thug and Lil Wayne beef is officially on and it’s all Birdman‘s fault. We’ll have to wait and see if the two rappers settle their differences through music, but that won’t stop Weezy from suing Birdman and whoever else he can to get the money he deserves at the same damn time.

Stay tuned to Rap Dose as more develops.